Thursday, 2 July 2015

Keeping Busy

So recently I have been booked up with cake smashes, I am second on Google for Walton On Thames cake smashes and get 100% positive feedback from all my clients. I pride myself in capturing images in high quality, fantastic composition and also having the biggest giant cupcake!

The cakes have three different options for the large cupcake, cream, pink or blue frosting. All of the options have a decorative confetti on the frosting.

Feed back I get daily from clients is very similar:  'I almost cried when I saw the photos' 'Amazing' 'Fantastic job' 'We all had so much fun'.

These messages mean a lot to me as it shows as a photographer that I am providing a fantastic service and filling the gap of a high quality photographer that Walton On Thames needed.

If you want the best possible photographs of your child/family development, then you are in the right place, I have a small company and each and every customer will receive the best possible photographs and service.

Here are some new photographs consented to be online:

Thursday, 5 February 2015

I do not think shes been properly introduced

This is a slightly different type of blog to my usual shoots. I have worked with one of my dearest friends since her little one was a few months old. Darcie-Ella was born August 15th 2013, and is an absolute beauty who loves her photo shoots. This week is a special week for Annabelle Smith Photography as Darcie had her very first photo shoot this time last year, every time she is in front of the backdrop she has the best time her personality shines through her photographs and melts my heart in the process. Darcie and her Mummy Leanne encouraged me to photograph families and this is Darcie's story so far:

To be continued...

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Christmas Summery

This year I had an fantastic Christmas, it started in October and the festivities continued until Christmas, but before I talk about Christmas I need to give you some more insights, on what inspired me to start my own company. Throughout the last three years I have been freelancing for different fashion designers and make-up artists helping them plan their projects to receive the best outcome through the photography aspects. Over the summer I freelanced working weddings, each wedding is so unique and beautifully planned it is essentially to capture all the details along with the main features. I am someone who thinks planning and organisation is a necessity, this should all be treasured by capturing each element on camera.
 On the weekends and during my free time I also photographed family portraits and completed photo booth parties for their children. My attention to detail inspired me to start my own company as my degree covers all aspects from management to website design. Before deciding on a target audience I looked at what Walton-On-Thames is missing and found that Walton and the surrounding area needed a creative family and wedding photographer. I introduced myself to the community by offering an introductory Christmas promotion for local families to build up a clientele and get the word spread of Annabelle Smith Photography.
As you can see from my website and Facebook page my Christmas offer was a complete success, I managed to gain a fantastic amount of clients that have now found their family photographer. It is a complete privilege to have gained this amount of clients, this was defiantly an area that needed a family photographer and I will continue offering Walton-On-Thames and the rest of Surrey my services.

Here are a few of many smiley faces:

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Sorry it has been a while, I have now set up my own company along with graduating all within two months!

Above is a video I am the very first person on this clip! It was nerve-racking but I am so lucky to have one of my closest friends right behind me, Joanne Stevenson! Along with my family and friends all sat in the audience, I can proudly say I am officially a Graduate.

Although it is an exciting day, all your family and friends are there. It always brings back memories that you thought you were going to have, I always wanted to share this moment with my Grandad but I can say I've done him proud!

Here is what I've been up to recently:



Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Holiday Season!

So I have abandoned you all for a few weeks, I've been away in Zante soaking up the sunshine and the beautiful island! 

The photography is continuing as always and the idea of going into a full time job at the moment feels like the last option I want as a graduate. I feel more at home abroad and when I do decide to get a full time job it needs to include photoshoot weeks abroad!

I have been instagraming lots of images from my trip so check them out @annabellesmithh on Instagram. I have been getting new followers daily and everyone seams to be enjoying my uploads of my first 2014 trip. I am off to the next island along in a few weeks Kefalonia which I stopped off at for an hour or so on a boat trip from Zante, I cannot wait! Greece is the place to be one day I will have to either live there or part live there. 

We took a tour of the island and visited where people get married along with shipwreck beach and the hidden caves. Of course the Greek food is the best so many food photographs where taken.

Here are some of the photographs of the beautiful island:

Thursday, 5 June 2014


So it's been over a week and I haven't posted, I've had a busy week I'm back at home working and packing for my first holiday of the year! I'm back at work in Surrey trying to earn some money after a stressful time at university. Yesterday I realised I have abandoned my social media over the last few weeks, I have lots of pretty new garments and holiday accessories that I will be posting about soon. While I was in my final year I took my acrylic nails off (which was a massive deal for me as I hadn't parted with them for 6 years!) I'm off on holiday this Sunday with my housemate and I wanted to brighten up my nails with a nice bright colour, teal. Here is a photo of them (also on Instagram).

Last night a pair of my summer shoes arrived which was very exciting. As I have quite big feet it takes a lot for me to enjoy shoe shopping or even to get excited about shoes. I generally am very excited these are so comfy! They are riverisland ss14 and we're purchased on Asos a few days ago! Let me know what you think they are sparkly and I feel very coordinated with matching polish!